Wallas Stoves

Wallas forced air marine stoves represent the state of the art in marine cooking systems. Both the diesel and kerosene models eliminate the need for hazardous propane systems, while providing responsive high temperature stoves that will give years of reliable service.

Unlike other systems, Wallas diesel and kerosene stoves draw combustion air from inside the cabin and exhaust outside the cabin. This feature forces fresh air to be drawn into the cabin area, drying the vessel interior and reducing the effects of mildew.

Wallas stoves can be fitted with blower lids to distribute the stove top heat into the room, making the stove/heater assembly a critically efficient use of precious cabin space!

Diesel Stoves & Stove Heaters:

Product introduction: Wallas 85DU270 aka Nordic Dt
Wallas 85DP270 Diesel Stove heater

Kerosene Stoves and Stove Heaters:

Wallas 800t/220 kerosene stove heater

Wallas Stove & Heater Accessories: