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E Mark 1 inchWallas XC Duo RV Stove/Heater

Now certified to the rigorous 2015 E1 European Automotive EMC directive and marked to UN standards, Wallas forced air RV stoves represent the state of the art in cooking systems. These models eliminate the need for hazardous compressed gas systems, while providing responsive high temperature stoves that will give years of reliable service.

Unlike other systems, Wallas XC Duo RV stoves draw combustion air from outside the vehicle and exhaust outside the RV. This feature assures safe, clean operation under all conditions and increases wind tolerance.

Wallas RV stoves are fitted with blower lids to distribute the stove top heat into the room, making the stove/heater assembly a critically efficient use of precious RV space!

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XC Duo RV Stove/heater

85Dt RV Stove








Here is a link to a sample installation of an XC Duo: