Scan Marine Equipment

Scan Marine Equipment has been in business for more than 35 years, supplying marine heating and cooking systems to boats and RVs in North America. We are the sole U.S. importer, distributor and factory authorized service center for Wallas heating and cooking products.  Our authorized dealer network can assist you in your purchase and support of Wallas products.

In a long term cooperative effort with the factory in Finland, Scan Marine has been a crucial member of the development team for Wallas products over the last fifteen years. Practical applications here and abroad have shaped the product line into its current high standards.

Ardic heating systems are no longer manufactured, and few parts are now available. Please contact us about serviceability and operation of these systems and/or replacement when necessary. Our factory trained service department will keep your cooking and heating systems running smoothly and trouble free for years to come. Our staff are always ready to consult on any issues or problems you may encounter.

We can help make decisions on the proper choice, application and installation of new Wallas products into your vessel. Whether your needs are for heating or cooking Scan Marine has the answer you are looking for!

Bruce McElroy, Doug McElroy, Mike Branstetter