Older Wallas Products

Scan Marine Equipment has been importing Wallas mobile/marine heating and cooking systems since 1985.  We have worked hard to provide service to all of the products sold in order to maximize product longevity.  In that time, many products have been introduced and sold, but are no longer supported, since many of their critical parts are no longer available.

Most recently, the following models are supported but not all parts for repair are available:

  • 3000D, 3000Dx diesel heaters
  • 95DU, 95DP, 125DU, 125DP diesel stove/heaters

Among other parts, the primary electronic controllers or “boards” for these products are no longer manufactured and the ceramic tops for the stoves are not available for replacement should they get broken.  Many other components for these products are current and available, being shared with newer products.

3000D and 3000Dx product can be easily replaced with the new 30GB, requiring minimal changes to the installation.  The same is true for replacement of the 95DU or 125DU with the new Nordic Dt, and the 95DP or 125DP can be replaced by the new 85DP270.

Ardic Products

Scan Marine Equipment is an authorized service center for Ardic and Volvo forced air and hydronic heating units. These sturdy, well built heaters were capable of many years of service when given proper maintenance, but Ardic systems are no longer manufactured and there are no parts available.

With no repair parts, there is very little we can do for a failed Ardic or Volvo product. We have pre-engineered replacement systems using Wallas heaters and offer a significant discount for Ardic owners seeking to replace their heaters.  In most cases, the Ardic 041D, 42D and 432D  heaters can be replaced by Wallas model 30GB or 40Dt heaters with a minimum of effort, giving you clean, reliable forced air heat using new technology, greater efficiency and much lower noise.


For help with any older products, please click here to fill out the web form and submit it to Scan Marine, or give us a call Toll Free: 1-888-606-6665.  We can then recommend your best course of action.

Our service center is available to receive units for evaluation, repair and maintenance. If you prefer, please call 206-285-3675 from 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Our helpful and courteous service staff can give you professional advice to help keep your Ardic system running for as long as possible or to discuss replacement options.