Wallas Operator/Installation Manual Request

Below are links to Operator/Installation manuals for current Wallas heaters, stoves and stove/heaters.

For older products, please call us at 888-606-6665 and give us the model number of your Wallas product. We will send you what we have in the way of manuals for that product. We have these documents in Adobe PDF format and can send them via email immediately in most cases. If you need to have them sent via post, please give us your contact information and we will ship as soon as possible.

Current Online Manuals:

GB and Dt Marine Heater Manual, English

1800 t, 2400 t Kerosene Heater Manual, English

Nordic Dt Stove/Heater & 85Dt Stove Manual, English

800t/220 Kerosene Stove/Heater, English

1300 Kerosene Heater Manual, English

XC Duo RV Stove/Heater Manual, English

CC Cottage Heater Manual, English

Older Models:

Wallas 85D Manual (pre Summer 2012)

Wallas Nautic 30D Manual

Wallas Nautic 40D Manual

Wallas 95D, 125D Manual