Wallas Mobile Heating and Cooking Systems

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A Wallas marine or RV heater will make your boat or vehicle a better investment, allowing you to use it more than twice as many days per year than you probably do today. Set up properly, a Wallas boat heater will help dry your vessel’s interior and increase interior oxygen levels.
A Wallas heater is quiet, efficient and ecologically friendly. A Wallas heater can be installed in a variety of locations in either new or retrofit applications. Available in either diesel or kerosene models, Wallas boat heaters are the final word in fuel and energy efficiency.
Wallas marine heating systems are designed and intended for recreational use. Use in commercial, live-aboard or unattended use will result in excessive operating hours requiring maintenance and repair not covered by product warranty. Wallas offers a three year, 2,000 hour warranty, whichever comes first.

Dries your cabin, preventing moisture damage.

Variable power for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Well suited for DIY installations.


Quiet operation, no exhaust noise.

Very low amperage draw – great for sailboats!

A Wallas stove can be installed in less than one day, easily replacing alcohol or alcohol electric stoves and providing both improved cooking and cabin heating in a single installation. Wallas boat stove/heaters are the most efficient products in our lineup, providing more than 1,000 btu per ounce of fuel burned!
The Wallas XC Duo diesel RV stove/heater is the final word in diesel cooking and heating in your camper, van or trailer.  Quiet, efficient, altitude compensated and space saving, these systems provide dry, controllable heat with thermo control.
Safe, quiet and without any exposed flame, a Wallas heater or Wallas stove/heater will transform your small cabin cruiser into a multi season second home! Those cold, clear spring and autumn days will become your favorites for coastal cruising and entertaining.
By utilizing diesel or kerosene, a Wallas heater or Wallas stove eliminate the need for explosive gases for cooking and heating. The Wallas process is safe, silent, dry and free of combustion odor.
All Wallas diesel forced air stoves, diesel Wallas heater products, diesel boat heaters and diesel ovens are variable power. This means that unlike our competitors, a Wallas diesel forced air device does not have to be stopped and started in order to hold a desired temperature while cooking or heating the cabin.
All Wallas diesel products are designed specifically to burn diesel fuel. There is no need to burn lighter fuels of any kind in these devices, meaning diesel fuel from your local fuel station or dock is the preferred fuel to use.
Since diesel Wallas heater and Wallas stove products can run continuously at a broad range of power settings, they can be installed in a range of boat sizes and tuned to each type and size of vessel. Thermostatically controlled through the new P.I. controller, or optional rheostat control means on demand power output you can customize as conditions change.
Scan Marine is your source for Wallas cottage heaters, designed for simple, efficient heating of small cabins or remote locations off grid. Based on 12VDC, they can run for days on a small amount of fuel and 12V power, Wallas cabin heaters are quiet, safe and environmentally friendly.
Vessels, vehicles and cabins fitted with these or any petroleum fueled products should also be equipped with a working CO detector. These devices should be tested regularly.
Scan Marine is your source for Spotless Stainless rust remover. Formulated for cleaning 304 and 316 stainless items, this solution is totally biodegradable and non-toxic, based on citric acid. Safe for use on stainless surfaces and not harmful to wood, fiberglass, plastic surfaces typically surrounding marine stainless items. Spotless Stainless will remove all surface iron and rust from most surfaces, even rust staining in wood, plastics and other porous surfaces. Formulated for use at temperatures above 70F, Spotless Stainless is simply painted on, left for 30 minutes and hosed off. No rubbing, no scrubbing!
Scan Marine represents ES Marine Electric Load Banks, providing dynamic generator load support and phase balancing.

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